Easter weekend: Program day 23-26 – lock down day 15-18

16th Apr 2020

This weekend was our youngest’s first birthday (and that in lockdown) We decided to still have a party (the perks of having 3 kids is that there are always friends around, your brother / sister). We were planning on having […]

Program day 23 – lock down day 14

16th Apr 2020

Today was a cleaning day so we didn’t get to doing much of anything else. We did bake some cupcakes for our first of 3 lock down birthdays, which we will decorate tomorrow. We have a container of rainbow rice […]

Program day 22 – lock down day 13

16th Apr 2020

We spent a lot of time reading different story books today. A favourite for baby is our peek-a-boo book. My middle girl loves anything princess or ballet related and my son loves books that explain how things work. We built […]

Program day 21 – lock down day 12

16th Apr 2020

Fine motor today started with putting elastics over a cup. Baby then pulled them off when the bigger kids were done. Learning about the true meaning of Easter we made 3 hearts. One black, to represent sin, one red to […]

Program day 20 – lock down day 11

16th Apr 2020

The kids loved this simple science experiment. We coloured water with food colouring and they could mix colours together to see what colours formed. Next we did some more fine motor activities. All you need is a polystyrene bowl and […]

Program day 19 – lock down day 10

6th Apr 2020

Today we finished our life size bodies, with clothing. This was such an amazing process for us. We started with learning about our bodies, eyes, ears, nose,mouth etc. Then spent time on the brain, digestive system and lungs. There are […]

Program day 18 – lock down day 9

5th Apr 2020

It is important to have fun together. Forget about all the stress or anything that is wrong and just have fun, play and have space for being silly together. This morning baby wanted to ride on her big brother’s skateboard […]

Program day 17 – lock down day 8

4th Apr 2020

Today was so much fun. We built puzzles, built inventions with lego and learnt all about our lungs. We started with an online kids zumba class for some exercise. Learning about the lungs we watched this short kids video explaining […]

Program day 16 – Lock down day 7

2nd Apr 2020

We had a lazy day with all the rain. The kids had some school work to do, basic writing and math work. Baby is also trying very hard to put some pencil to paper. As soon as the rain lifted […]

Program day 15 – Lock down day 6

1st Apr 2020

Today we had a slower day. The kids enjoyed lots of dress up play. Fine motor we did some lacing. You can use a shoe lace to lace with. Making your own shape is also pretty easy using some cardboard […]