How early learning builds a child’s other abilities

19th Jun 2018

We often read articles and speak to Early Childhood Development experts such as Paediatricians and Occupational Therapists, who assess a child’s progress based on developmental milestones. Being a part of many mommy groups, I often find some moms who say that this […]

Playing with purpose

24th May 2018

Playing with Purpose Children need to play. Do you ever wonder whether your child plays too much, or maybe not enough? When your child plays is it even educational or beneficial? As experts in Early Childhood Development, we at Skidz […]

What if my baby doesn’t crawl

23rd Apr 2018

You might have heard some people say that crawling is vitally important, while others say it is not. Many people have said “My baby never crawled and he is fine” or “I don’t think it’s that important”. Personally I prefer […]

Play: promoting healthy social and emotional development.

19th Apr 2018

Play: Promoting healthy social and emotional development Play is a child’s language, his work, his relaxation and the way he builds relationships. Forming a healthy relationship with parents help children to feel secure. This sets the stage for a child’s […]

Parenting Hub

18th Apr 2018

Parenting Hub is a great resource for parents. It includes a business directory with a list of companies providing everything you could possibly need as a parent. It also has loads of information from advice columns and activities, to recipes. […]

For the love of reading

16th Mar 2018

You may wonder about the benefits of reading to your baby. An infant won’t understand what you are reading in anyway. To put it in perspective you wouldn’t wait until your child could understand what you were saying before you […]

Our experts in the news

24th Feb 2016

We are very proud of our experts and know that they all have a passion for their work. Juazel, our Clinical Psychologist was consulted on a hot topic at the moment, regarding screen time for children. Her expert advice was […]

Things to do with kids

2nd Feb 2016

Alexa is a mommy who bought a 0-6 months Clever Activity Box from us in August 2015, for her then 10 week old baby boy. She was so in love with our program that she then later bought our 6-15 […]

Pregnant in Cape Town

4th Nov 2015

Mandy Lee from Pregnant in Cape Town contacted us to do a review of the SkidZ Clever Activity Box. She has a beautiful little girl named Charlotte Rose, or Charly as she is affectionately known, and has written this beautiful […]

Caffeine and Fairydust

14th Aug 2015

We have had our first official review (other than our happy customers) and it is fantastic. The review was organised by Lizanne Oved from Mamahood and we are so pleased with what has been written about us. Mamahood has been […]