Easter weekend: Program day 23-26 – lock down day 15-18

16th Apr 2020

This weekend was our youngest’s first birthday (and that in lockdown) We decided to still have a party (the perks of having 3 kids is that there are always friends around, your brother / sister). We were planning on having a combined birthday for all 3 girls, as our birthdays are all within 14 days, but the advantage of lockdown is we all now get our own little party.

Our family tradition is to wake whoever’s birthday it is up with a muffin, candle and birthday song. She was awake first though. This time we used a cupcake as we didn’t have any muffins. (She didn’t eat it though, mean I know) At breakfast we sing again with a yummy flapjack topped with berries.

Abigail had a one-deer-ful party. I made some deer head pieces, as well as deer party packs using some foam sheets and brown paper bags. We also made the bunting ourselves. I printed the letter out and the kids coloured it in, which to me was quite special.

We played, put some water in a shell with plastic balls, ran around and laughed a lot. What else do you need at a party? Oh yes, more singing and then smashing the cake, which everyone had a chance with. This was followed by more water play, to get some of the cake off.

The rest of the weekend was mostly relaxed. Well as much as it can be with 3 kids in the house.

The kids made their own super hero masks. My middle daughter decided she was heart girl, because her super hero power is to love everyone. (How sweet)

We did some sand art. The kids love this, I don’t, but it is good for fine motor skills and sensory input, so I give in and do it.

Peg boards are also really great for development. Young kids from around 18 months to 2 years can start putting the pegs in the board. By around 3 they can make patterns.

Easter egg art. I printed a picture of an easter egg, which the kids coloured in a bit and then decorated with coloured egg shells. This is easy to do. You just break the egg shells into pieces and colour it with food colouring. It is best to do this the day before though, to give the shells time to dry.

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