Activity Box: 18-24 months


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Whether you are a stay at home mommy or a full time working one, these boxes will provide many activities to develop your precious little one. It is easy to follow as we have done all the work for you, all you need to do is follow the manual, which even tells you what areas of development you are stimulating through those activities.

There are 3 ways to use the Clever Activity Box curriculum:

  1. Choose any activity that you would like to do from our list of activities.
  2. Follow our daily curriculum, telling you which activities to do everyday of the week.
  3. Build your own curriculum by using our easy formula.

This box also includes all you need, except the exercise ball.It has 126 activities in which are all age specific activities (18-21 months and 21-24 months). These activities are not bound to a specific age group. In other words if your little one is 22 months, the 18-24 month activities will still be relevant, it will just be easier for him/ her to do. It also includes sensory play ideas and nursery rhymes.


  1. Alison Walker

    Wow so very impressed, worth every cent. So sad I never found this sooner. My daughter can’t get enough, it’s so exciting to see each and every activity. And have an idea of what your little one should be achieving.

  2. Alison Walker

    Extreme impressed, worth every cent and more. My daughter gets excited just seeing the box wondering what the day holds. And as a mom it’s the most rewarding thing to see your little one accomplishing goals and milestones by just having fun. So sad I never found you guys sooner.

  3. Amorey

    I wish I found this sooner. My daughter stays with our nanny and this has given me the peace of mind when at work, that she is getting all she needs. Our second baby is on the way and I have just ordered the 0-6 months for her as well.

  4. Kerian

    Fantastic. This was my second box I bought. Great quality products.

  5. Alicia Paul

    What a great opportunity to have mindful one on one playtime with my son. We bought this as a Christmas gift for him at 16 months and we have enjoyed every activity. As he has grown he has begun mastering more and more. It gives me the ability to have some quality time interacting and teaching him while he is having fun and learning. This is a wonderful box full of things you can use everyday even for your own activities. I really am pro mindful play and stimulation as toddlers and children absorb everything their little brains can sponge in. Well done on an amazing product I look forward to buying my next box up.

  6. Trishanthi

    I have bought every box from 0-6 months. We absolutely love our SKidz boxes. The service is great and Chantelle is always so helpful, putting my mind at ease and guiding me whenever needed. Thanks so much for a wonderful product!

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