PomPom Activity 2

This is our second pompom activity in our range of pompom fun. There are so many things that can be done using pompoms, they are soft, colourful and versatile.

For this activity you need a pack of pompoms and recycled water bottles. The 500 ml bottles work well.

The first step for younger babies (those under a year old) is to hold the bottle and let them push the pompom into the hole. Encourage them to make use of both hands alternating between left and right.

When they have the hang of that they can hold the bottle themselves and push the pompoms in.

The next option is to tape a few bottles onto a window, door or wall and let them push the pompoms in that way.

For toddlers around 2 years of age, you can encourage them to sort like colours together. Start with 2 colours and when they have mastered that move to 3 and so on. Let them put the same colours together in a bottle.