Program Days 6-9

26th Mar 2020

I’m sorry I haven’t had much time to upload our activities as I was hard at work getting all our orders ready and out before the lockdown. Here they are now.

We do the ball exercises (from precious days) and our bible story every day.

We are also doing the lego challenge as well, which the kids are loving. This is my sons day 2 Nasa Rocket.

We did some flower painting. You can use different flowers and leaves to paint with as each of them make a different pattern. To see how to do it click here.

Fine motor activities: Baby played with the bead table while big brother was teaching the middle sister how to write his name.

Drawing or colouring against the wall, is very good for developing shoulder strength. So take that picture that they love and stick it up.

Learning numbers: We used our bodies to make the shape of the number.

My kids love playing hide and seek. They have also at last learnt how to hide properly so we actually have to look for them. They even put on some camo clothes as they are convinced if they wear the camo no one will be able to see them.

Cloud dough is soft, fun and easy to make.

My new hairdresser had lots of fun making different styles

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