Program Day 4

21st Mar 2020

Fine motor

Draw pictures with chalk on the paving and use spray bottles to wash it clean. For baby I used a cup to pour the water.

Game time

We played some board and card games. Uno spin, chess and connect 4.

Sensory / Messy play

Vestibular / movement: The older 2 enjoy swinging and spent some time on our trapeze swing. This one is nice as it allows you to spin around as well as swing forward and back.

Baby went in a big plastic container. You can also use a washing basket and push them around in it.

Free play: Playing outside on our jungle gym, with our cute Beagles keeping an eye. There are two items we have in the garden that has really been a great investment in our kids development. The jungle gym and trampoline. They use these almost everyday.

Scavenger hunt: This is fun for all ages (little ones need some help) and keeps them busy for a while. I have included 2 options. One for inside and one for outside.

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