Program day 27 – Lock down day 19

17th Apr 2020

This week we are learning about farm animals. What they eat, what they produce and how to care for them. First up, sheep.

For the art I gave them an outline of the sheep. The coloured the face, tail and feet in. Then we used cotton wool balls, which they had to pull apart into smaller pieces and stick to the body. If you don’t have cotoon wool you can also cut wool into smaller pieces and stick that.

My oldest did some maths. He loves it and this japanese abacus is amazing.

The girls did some gym ball exercises, which is always a big hit in our house. Baby loves bouncing on the ball and if I stop she bounces herself with so much passion.

The kids loved baking bread. We made some mielie bread and fresh rolls to have for supper with our hamburgers.

Sticker play is also, always fun for my kids. They even decorated my face, which gave them a lot of joy and belly laughs.

To end off the day some fun on the wooden train grandpa made.

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