Program day 21 – lock down day 12

16th Apr 2020

Fine motor today started with putting elastics over a cup. Baby then pulled them off when the bigger kids were done.

Learning about the true meaning of Easter we made 3 hearts. One black, to represent sin, one red to represent Jesus’ blood and one we left white as our sins are forgiven and washed away. To make sure we really use those little fingers that need to be strong, they first coloured the hearts in and then tore some coloured paper to stick over.

We made an Easter bunny from an old milk bottle. You can also use a cooldrink or water bottle or carton. Cut out a mouth to ‘feed’ the bunny. Here you can use anything. Cut up some carrots, use grapes. We used old plastic lids. For babies cut a bigger mouth and for older kids you can make it smaller so they need more precision to feed it.

Using the same lids and an empty egg tray we could sort and pack them into the holes. Toddlers can make patterns whereas babies just put one in each hole.

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