Program day 20 – lock down day 11

16th Apr 2020

The kids loved this simple science experiment. We coloured water with food colouring and they could mix colours together to see what colours formed.

Next we did some more fine motor activities. All you need is a polystyrene bowl and some toothpicks. For older kids you can make shapes on the bowl and let them put the sticks in to form the shapes. Younger kids can just push it in and pull out and for babies put it in for them and let them pull it out themselves. Gripping the toothpicks is a good exercise for the pincer grip which is later used for pencil holding and writing skills.

While my oldest was doing some school work, baby was napping and our toddler cut out some lion pictures of different sizes and then sorted them from smallest to biggest.

Then it was outside, gross motor time. Riding bikes and scooters are great exercise for both the heart and coordination. For toddlers instead of buying a traditional bike with training wheels, I really would suggest that you look into rather getting a balance bike. It is much better for coordination and balance. Learning to balance is also the more difficult part of riding a bike and this really helps with that. As example our son never used training wheels. When he was 4 we bought him a big boy bike (we never put the training wheels on) and he could ride on the first try.

I drew some hopscotch (a bunny sent to me by my daughter’s lovely teacher) and extended it into a sensory path. These are great for getting rid of some energy without needing many resources. The best thing about it is that it also great for regulation if you include the correct type of exercises. Click here to see our video.

You are never too old or too young to play with Lego. Today everyone played with Lego Duplo.

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