Program Day 2

19th Mar 2020

First we start with our Bible story

Shape, colour and number

Our shape for the week is a circle. My kids enjoyed the red lids so much yesterday, that they played with them again today.

Colour: Red

Playing with red balloons. Blow them up (don’t knot them) and let them go flying all over the room. The kids also enjoyed making funny sounds by letting the air out slowly, as well as blowing the air in their faces.

Number / Maths

We did some mazes. There are lots of free printable ones available online.

Art activity

Our art activity was painting leaves. The kids looked for different shaped leaves in the garden and painted them to use as stencils and stamps. You can also use flowers like we did here.

Fine motor activity

Play dough is a nice activity to strengthen fingers and for sensory input. For the toddlers and older kids, hide some buttons inside, which they have to find. They then also pushed the buttons into the play dough to see the patterns made. For babies, roll a worm and push their fingers and toes into the dough. They can also explore it themselves, pulling it apart into pieces. Try to let them not eat it. They are usually non toxic but really don’t taste so good.

Gross motor game

Obstacle course:

Build an obstacle course for baby using pillows. Anything they can crawl or climb over. For little babies dancing around with them in your arms will also give them similar vestibular input. If you have a swing this is also a lovely activity for vestibular.

Toddlers and foundation phase kids build an obstacle course outside, where they need to climb, run, jump and swing. You can use things available in your garden. Or simply use chalk on the paving.

Riding bike:

Bike riding is such a coordinated skill. Balance, steer, movement are all great for development. We made a path for them to follow with chalk on the drive way. Zig Zag and twirls. You can also make a path like we did here, when we made a little town.

Gym ball Vestibular and gross motor development

We use some music. I let the kids choose which songs they wanted. Baby shark was on the list again.

Baby: Hold around hips while seated on the ball. If baby is younger, hold under the arms. Bounce up and down, sway from side to side, forward and back and in a circular position. We also went on tummies. Young babies might just lie there, or hold onto the ball. Older babies around 7-9 months will start stretching out their arms when going forward. Let them weight bare when they reach out before coming back up.

Toddler / Preschooler and Foundation phase learners: Sit on ball and hop and so similar movements to the babies on the ball, while doing baby shark with their hands. Use alternating hand movements one on the shoulder, one stretched in front. We also balanced on the ball. First by lifting one leg at a time then keeping both legs up and bent while hands are at the back on the floor to balance. Lying on the ball crawl forward and back as if you are a plank.

Song and rhyme: Language development

We did twinkle twinkle little star and this little piggy went to market on both our fingers and toes. We also said two little dickie birds. (We will learn new rhymes next week)


We read about 6 books in a row as I get tired I just keep telling myself that this is good language development for them. 😉

Free play

We played hide and seek. The kids even put on their camo clothes as they believe I can’t see them at all in the garden when they wear it. Hehe

And that is day 2 done. Enjoy!

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