Program day 19 – lock down day 10

6th Apr 2020

Today we finished our life size bodies, with clothing. This was such an amazing process for us. We started with learning about our bodies, eyes, ears, nose,mouth etc. Then spent time on the brain, digestive system and lungs. There are so many learning opportunities in this activity that took us a week to complete. My daughter loves wearing just a tutu and so her picture also has only a tutu on.

Baby did lots of fine motor skill practice today. We started with sticking some newspaper to the floor with tape which she could tear.

Next to make it a bit more difficult, I encouraged her to pull the tape off of the floor. She needed a bit of help to just lift a small part up at the beginning point, but the rest she could do by herself.

Next we did some posting, which she loves, but to make it a bit more difficult we used toothpicks and an empty spice container. You can also use a colander and bigger sticks.

The kids are really loving baking and cooking, so we made some homemade pizza which we cooked on a flat pan on our weber.

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