Program day 18 – lock down day 9

5th Apr 2020

It is important to have fun together. Forget about all the stress or anything that is wrong and just have fun, play and have space for being silly together.

This morning baby wanted to ride on her big brother’s skateboard which just means that she sits while I push her up and down, but she loves it.

We enjoyed playing with flour, jelly and jelly tots. As they find a jelly tot they had to identify the colour. We started with the flour first and they fished for jelly tots using their mouths (no hands). They loved this as you can clearly see on their faces. Next was the jelly, which is a totally different sensory experience. Baby loved it too and with it being edible (although flour is not the most fun to eat) it is a safe sensory play option for babies too.

Later in the day we baked date cookies, which is easy enough for the kids to help with.

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