Program day 17 – lock down day 8

4th Apr 2020

Today was so much fun. We built puzzles, built inventions with lego and learnt all about our lungs.

We started with an online kids zumba class for some exercise.

Learning about the lungs we watched this short kids video explaining how the lungs work.

For our body image picture we used an outline of the lungs. The kids coloured in the body part and we used some runny paint and straws to blow the paint to cover the lungs.

Using our lungs we blew bubbles. The first activity was easy. A bowl, some dish washing liquid in water and some straws is all you need. Then blow away.

The second one you will need:

  • an old sock
  • a 500ml plastic bottle
  • and the same bowl of soapy water from the above activity

Cut the bottom of the bottle, pull the sock over this end and dip in the soapy water. Blow some bubble worms.

For older kids here is the science behind this activity. Bubbles are small pockets of soap and water filled with air. The soap causes the surface tension of the water to weaken, which allows it to stretch.

The last blowing activity we did was blowing on a whistle. Don’t underestimate those babies, our youngest started blowing on a whistle at 6 months.

The kids love baking and cooking way more than I do, and so we baked some muffins.

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