Program day 16 – Lock down day 7

2nd Apr 2020

We had a lazy day with all the rain.

The kids had some school work to do, basic writing and math work. Baby is also trying very hard to put some pencil to paper.

As soon as the rain lifted we were outside in the garden. The kids really enjoy playing with the autumn leaves and spent about an hour just raking them into piles, using tipper trucks to transport them and throwing the leaves in the air, over each others’ head and so forth. We repeated the painting with leaves activity as they really enjoyed that. For baby I put some on a sosatie stick and let her pull them off.

Ball exercises included some songs, crossing of arms one at a time for crossing the midline and throwing and cathing, as well as bouncing and catching.

We did some rhymes and songs and the rest of the day we just spent doing some free play.

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