Program day 14 – Lockdown day 5

1st Apr 2020

Today we made lots of pictures. Our morning started with a clown face as our fine motor activity. Sticking stickers and folding the fan bow tie.

For babies stickers can be stuck on their toes or arms etc, for them to pull off. Just watch so that you can catch it before it goes into their mouths.

This week we are learning all about our bodies. We are focusing on two aspects of our bodies. The science of how our bodies work and on how God made our bodies perfectly. Our bible study is on Psalm 139, especially verse 14.

We started by tracing their bodies onto brown craft paper. We spoke about how everyone is unique but we still have so much in common. We discussed what we have in common with animals. We have 2 eyes, 1 nos, 2 ears etc. (This theme has so very many aspects and learning opportunities.) The kids then had to draw their faces onto their pictures. We also built a puzzle that has the different parts of a face and body.

Next we learnt about the brain. There are lovely short videos available on youTube that explain things to kids. We watched this one on how the brain works. This was followed by making our own brains which they cut out and painted brown using earbuds.

For our art for today we did some pets. My son did a police dog (not featured here and some fish) my daughter made a police cat? and a fish.

Gross motor included ball exercises and trampoline jumps.

Ball exercises we are using the song a ram sam sam. You can follow the movement in the video while sitting on a ball. We have some different moves but this gives you an idea. I also give them an instruction of where to put the ball, to teach position (the basics of math). “Put the ball behind your back. Put the ball under one foot and balance.” Another fun one is to hold the ball between your legs, squat down and then jump up with your arms in the air.

For the trampoline we did tuck jumps, star jumps and series jumps. (Series jumps include things like sit on bum, 1 x jump on feet repeat 5 times)

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