Program day 13 – Lockdown day 4

30th Mar 2020

This week our Shape is a square, numbers 3 and 4 and the colour is blue.

The morning started with some box fun. Speak about position to your kids. In the box, next to the box, under etc. It is also fun to sing the ‘Jack in the box’ song. Pushing and pulling the box across the floor is good for all ages. It is a balancing and vestibular activity for baby, and good muscle work and vestibular input for the older ones pushing the box.

Our first official activity today was some pegs work. This is so easy to do and my kids really enjoy it. All you need are some washing pegs and paper plates. For baby you can put the peg on for them and let them pull it off. You can also stick it to their clothes to pull off. The older ones pack them all around. This develops and strengthens the fingers for proper pincer grip, which for preschool and school ages kids is used for the correct pencil grip and writing.

After our gym ball songs and exercised we spent some time on art activities. We made some clown faces and joined in the art challenge which was to create a picture of a bird.

Gross motor: Bouncing and catching balls and throwing the to each other. Babies can roll and catch, try to throw and so forth.

My older two did some ‘school work’ while baby napped. We read every day. I read to them as this develops both their imagination and vocabulary. They did some maths and writing. Again toddlers and preschoolers should not be doing worksheets. In our house my daughter insist on ‘working’ when her school going brother does his school work. So I gave her some colouring and cutting to do.

We also built towers with blocks. The Lego challenge for today was to build the highest tower you could and while the bigger kids did that, baby and I built with some wooden blocks. She carefully stacks and takes off the blocks. Most babies also find great delight in knocking over the tower.

During free play, all three explored in the garden and jumped on the trampoline. At some stage my 3 year old came in and played with the wooden trains, building not only a track but an entire imaginary world. It is amazing to hear what they come up with when they play by themselves.

Tonight we made some easy desert. After last week’s strange but very creative self made, child inspired desert as seen in the first pics, I decided to make some proper easy desert that they could do, but that would still taste good.

All you need are: 1 tin of condensed milk, 1/4 cup of lemon juice (mixed together) as well as some tennis biscuits for the base. Everyone can help. I put the biscuits in a zip plastic bag so she could break them into smaller pieces for the base. Pack the biscuits at the bottom of a medium sized desert dish. Add the condensed milk and lemon juice mix on top and chill in the fridge.

After supper they explored the garden a bit more, this time in the dark with some lights. We also spent some time lying on the trampoline staring at the stars before bath time.

Tonight we also had some sensory play in the bath. We use the play foam, but shaving foam works just as well.

And so after a busy day the kids are passed out and excited for another day of learning, exploring and adventure.

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