Program Day 12 – Lockdown day 3

29th Mar 2020

This morning I woke up to beautiful photos of a very good friend’s wedding. We have been friends for almost 30 years as because of the Covid-19 situation we were unable to attend the wedding in Seattle. There wedding was also cancelled because of this and they ended up having a very small (like 8 guest) wedding for now.

My toddler wanted Elsa hair with lots of hair clips. I followed instructions and this was the result. She needed every glitter clip she owns in her hair.

We did some family exercises. There are some nice options available on YouTube. My kids enjoy the kids zumba as it has more music and beat than some of the other options online. They included some weight training, using their water bottles. Don’t underestimate the babies. Ours was dancing along the entire time.

Google has a really nice feature. They have created some 3D animals that uses the camera on your phone to make it look like they are in your home. We spent time learning about the different animals that we looked at. All you need to do it google the animal and click on the 3D option in the results.

Art was anything funny or happy that they felt like drawing. They also chose their own medium. The oldest chose pencils and the toddler chose oil pastels.

My kids love pretend play and today they were astronauts.

We ended off the day with a video call with Granny, which included her reading them a story.

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