Program day 11 – Lockdown day 2

28th Mar 2020

Over weekends we don’t really have a program as such, but give the kids a bit more freedom. They want to stay in their pj’s for longer, ok. We also spend a lot of time playing. They get the chance to play with us as well as by themselves. My oldest really enjoys having time to himself so over weekends he gets some extra time for that.

We are participating in an art challenge which gives us a theme, bible verse and prayer topic for each day. Day 1 was for medical personnel. Day 2 was to create a truly South African picture and to pray for President Ramaphosa. The kids loved this and went overboard with pictures, making 3-4 pictures each on A3 with oil pastels.

Kids are very creative. I asked my 3 year old to please make the flower stems green. She didn’t want to and clearly told me that this was her picture and she could make it any colour she liked. She apparently doesn’t like green today. I also gave her some crepe paper to tear, roll in balls and paste on the picture for her flower, which she also didn’t want to do because she only likes light pink. (I only have dark pink crepe paper in the house) Well what I can say is she did a really good job of colouring so between the lines.

We also all pitched in with the house chores. The older 2 cleaned their own rooms, which included dusting, sweeping and washing the floors. Baby kept me company in her carrier while I did the rest. They have also taken to washing the dishes after supper. I must say I am very impressed with how clean they are washing. I expected to have to intervene a bit, but there has been no need for that.

The rest of the day was spent playing. Jumping on the trampoline, rescuing people from burning buildings and wrestling.

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