Program Day 10 – Lockdown day 1

27th Mar 2020

Our first lockdown day went well. We started with building some puzzles and my toddler did some matching exercises while big brother was practicing his reading.

We also did some cutting exercises. The first one was to cut a triangle of a watermelon that was missing and then sticking it on the shape. The second is half a picture (ours was an ice cream) that they had to fold the page in half and cut out on the lines. Opening it up then gives the full picture.

Sensory play: Mud play. The kids really enjoyed this. Baby had some farm animals in her mud, while the older 2 use the mud as part of our art. They painted the bottom part of the acorn with it, and then we stuck some shaving to the top part.

After the mud some water play was handy to get everyone cleaned up. I added some lids to poor with too.

Outside Free play included cuddling our Beagles and playing on the jungle gym.

Different size cups that can fit into each other are fun and teaches early math skills.

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