Program Day 1

18th Mar 2020

First we start with our Bible story

Shape, colour and number

Our shape for the week is a circle. A circle has no sides or corners. I let them build with round lids (we have a bag full of red ones so that helped). Also let them look for objects in the house that is in the shape of a circle. Maybe you have a wall clock, a frame or mirror on the wall that is a circle.

Colour: Red

To introduce colour, select some toys that are that colour and let baby play with them. Talk about the colour while playing. ‘Where is the red ball? Here it is.’

Number: 1 and 2

Taking about the numbers is a good start. This is one cat, here are two soft toys. Toddlers do not need to recognise the number or write is but you can show them what it looks like.

We matched the same amount. Here are 2 toys on the left, put two on the right as well.

Grade R and 1. Write numbers 1 and 2 about 5 times. I drew a circle with 1 cricle in a bigger circle and he had to draw the same, or 1 more or less in the other circle.

Art activity

Our art activity included tearing coloured paper into smaller pieces and sticking it onto a paper. You can choose your picture according to your theme or use something your child is interested in. Tearing is really good exercise for those little fingers. Here are some ideas below.

Fine motor activity

Lacing: We used cotton reels. You can see what to do here. You can also use pipe cleaners and beads for older kids, cut a pool noodle with a hole in the middle for younger kids to use as beads to lace or cut a picture out of paper, make holes using a punch and then lace a shoelace through the holes.

Gross motor game

Rope play:

Baby. If baby is small walk, jump and twirls, over and under a rope. If baby can crawl or walk let them go over and under themselves.

Toddler and preschooler: Hold the rope at different heights and let them run over and under it. Jump over the rope using both feet at once. Jump off of a chair or step, over the rope, using both feet.

Gr R-3: Skip with the rope. Use one leg at a time, as well as both together.

Gym ball Vestibular and gross motor development

We use some music. Today was baby shark.

Baby: Hold around hips while seated on the ball. If baby is younger, hold under the arms. Bounce up and down, sway from side to side, forward and back and in a circular position.

Toddler / Preschooler and Foundation phase learners: Sit on ball and hop and so similar movements to the babies on the ball, while doing baby shark with their hands.

Song and rhyme: Language development

We did twinkle twinkle little star and this little piggy went to market on both our fingers and toes.

Formal work

As mentioned before this is not necessary before school going age, but my toddler loves joining big brother for this. He did his spelling words while she did some patterns and cut on straight lines drawn on a paper using her scissors.


This is the best thing you can do. If you can only do one thing in the day let it be this. Read to your kids. Cuddle up on the couch or bed and read a favourite story. Foundation phase learners should ideally be reading to themselves everyday too. It doesn’t have to be much a page or 2, but the more they practice the easier it becomes.

Free play

My kids spent hours outside, playing on the jungle gym, attempting to skateboard, swinging and running races. They also drew a map and went on a treasure hunt in the garden. (Their treasure was a worm)

And there you have it. Our first day is done. I hope that you enjoy it just as much as we did.

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