New curriculum

1st Feb 2015


After many long long long hours, we are proud to announce that our new curriculum is now available.

We have expanded our format so that there is more than 1 way to use our program. We know that everyone is different and so we have expanded to accommodate these differences.

If you don’t like structure and like doing your own thing, but don’t want to do all the research then Option 1 is for you. This is a list of activities (like before) with information regarding what areas of development you are stimulating through those activities. Choose what you and baby feel like doing and do it. As simple as that.

For those people who like many, thrive in structure, Option 2 is for you. We have worked out a curriculum taking the activities from the list (option 1) and dividing it into daily activities. For most boxes there are 2 sessions a day. For the babies, the afternoon session is the same everyday where we focus on the core developmental milestones. The morning session is different everyday and works in a 3 week cycle. So you will only repeat a given activity in week 4. How awesome is that? This is just one of the things that makes us different from similar products on the market, who repeat the same few things every week. Just think about how bored kids get using the same toys everyday and you will understand where we are coming from. Variation is key.

Option 3 is the happy medium between the first two options. You get to choose what activities you do using our easy formula. This way you have the freedom to set up your own day’s activities, but also have the assurance that you aren’t skipping any important developmental milestones.

A special thank you goes out to our experts who have spent countless hours working and building a one of a kind product for you to use at home.

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