Kids love playing with stickers, no matter how old they are.

When I was teaching high school, all the kids still enjoyed receiving a star or sticker as acknowledgement of their achievement. Yes this included my matrics. I had a system where like usual everyone who received a 70% for an assignment or test would get a silver star and everyone who received 80% would get a gold star. This however excludes the average Joes. The ones who work really hard to achieve 50%, so for this reason I had everyone set a personal goal. What is it that they wanted to achieve. I expected each learner to do his or her best. If that was 55% that was more than good enough. The same goes for the over achievers. If your best is 85% and you got 80% I would expect more. The idea is to encourage each learner to give their best and be rewarded for it. So if you reached your goal you would get a smiley face. I know it is hard to believe but this works for all ages.

So it is natural to assume little loves also enjoy stickers. Stickers are a great way to practise the pincer grip, and can be lots of fun. I stick a bunch all over their faces, toes, legs, arms and hands. They love sticking some on mommy too. Pulling them off and sticking them works those little fingers and is a great pre-writing exercise for young toddlers too.