Sorting activities

Sorting is an important skill to learn. As young children, we sort and group things together. This later spills over into sorting ideas, projects at work etc. It is an important life skill. So where do we start? At the basics.

Colour sorting is one of the simplest ways to start. You can start with 2 colours and encourage your little one to put the same colour together.

Here is an example of using 3 colours. We used 3 different coloured bowls and added craft and counting sticks of the same colour. In the beginning your little one might need some help, but don’t rush them. Give them time to figure it out and only give gentle guidance when needed.

IMG_5678 IMG_5681

The next activity is one unique to SkidZ. We took different coloured shapes. Blue, yellow, green and red. In 4 different shapes. You can cut them out of cardboard, or any other suitable material.

The first step would be to sort the colours together. Start with only 2 and progress as your little one masters it.

The next step would be to sort shapes. Use one colour at first and only sort the same shapes together. As you practise this, your child will progress to the point where he/she can do 4 colours in 4 different shapes.


Another idea would be to use some buttons to sort. What I like about these is that it also develops the pincer grip which is later used for writing.

We drew 4 different coloured circles on paper.

Now mix some coloured buttons together for them to sort, and place inside the relevant circle.

IMG_7566[1] IMG_7567[1]

Have fun!

(Please note that these activities are for home use and are subject to copyright.)