Side walk chalk

Side walk chalk has so many fun things you can do. We love this for summer and winter. This is great for so many areas of development, fine motor skills in the drawing phase, gross motor in the execution of the activities, creativity, imagination as well as spatial awareness.

We like using the jumbo chalk, which you can get from most stores.

1. Be creative and draw on the walls, drive way, or side walk. It is easy to wash off with some water. In summer we frist draw with the chalk and then use a paint brush and water and paint over it. In this way the kids clean up while playing and creating.




2. Draw different shapes on the wall in one colour and give the young kids a chance to learn how to do it by giving them another colour to draw over yours.



3. This is our favourite. We draw a road with shops and stops next to it. The little ones helped us draw. Then comes the fun. Run or ride on bikes! We had a filling station for petrol for our bikes, a fruit and veg store to go buy some groceries even the bunny park. The kids loved riding their bikes around our own little city.

IMG_5053 IMG_5050 IMG_5051 (1)

4.Here is a fun game from “Your Therapy Source”. “Put out the fire” With some encouragement this is a lot of fun. Pretend to be fire fighters and out out the fire. All you need is chalk, a bucket of water and a sponge.

put out the fire


5. Sidewalk Simon form “Toddler Approved” works on the principles of Simple Simon and is great for memory development and colour recognition.

Sidewalk Simon


6. This one is for shapes and colours, from “Tiny Sidekick”

sidewalk colours and shapes


7. Target practice from “Whimsy Love”

sidewalk target


8. For those kids especially boys who love their cars. Here are some ideas from “Lovely commotion”