Money box

So we have been collecting bread tags for a while now. It is all for a good cause as at school we collect them as part of a community service project that then uses them to raise funds to supply wheelchairs to people who need them but cannot afford them. This recycling and collecting has come pretty handy at home in the mean time as well.

We took a money box and stored the bread tags inside them. Super easy to keep together and next to our bread bin.

In the mean time our son has discovered his love for trains and cars and anything else with wheels. (Our money box is a train) And so he invented his own activity. This keeps him busy and practices concentration as well as fine motor skills. He also repeats it a few times so here it is for you:

All you need is a money box and some bread tags. (You could use coins or anything else that fits, you can also cut cardboard shapes to put inside.)