Games are a great way to develop skills pertaining to movement and instruction. It is also uses up some of the toddler energy that we easily find in abundance. The problem for many of us is finding games that are simple enough for toddlers to play. Here are a few ideas.

From 12 month

Push and pull

toys in basket

This game is for children who are pulling themselves up and try to walk. Put a bunch of soft toys in a box or laundry basket. While he holds on to the one side, you can hold on to the other to keep it steady. Slowly pull the box/basket towards you to encourage him to give a step forward. Soon you will be able to pull while he pushes.



Play clapping games. If she can’t clap hands independently yet, you can hold her hands and help her clap. Let her sit on your lap facing you while you sing and clap.


From 18 months

Ball games

ball1 ball3

Kids of all ages enjoy playing with balls. Starting at a young age cultivates the love for playing. Start with sitting on the floor and rolling the ball to one another. If your toddler is steady on her feet you can encourage her to kick the ball. You can also play catch by letting him hold his hands out in front of him and slowly drop the ball into them.

Tea party


Take a bowl of water and some plastic cups and spoons. Pretend to have a tea party and let him pour the water to make tea. You can even have some pretend cake with it. Don’t underestimate how much fun pouring is for kids. Boys and girls alike enjoy playing this.

Scavenger hunt

scavenger hunt

Children are natural explorers. Take a bucket and go for a walk outside. Collect different objects like feathers, stones and leaves.

From 2 years

Musical statues

The concept is quite simple. Put on a song you enjoy and let the child dance. When the music stops, they need to stop too. This is also a handy exercise for discipline, as the first step for discipline is to get a child to stop what they are doing. This is a fun way to practise the the ‘stop’.

Credit: Michelle from Little Munchkins playgroup in Alberton


Toddlers love to be chased and caught. Especially when the catch part is coupled with hugs, kisses and tickles.


As you can see in this video 2 year olds can’t quite jump yet, but can understand the concept and still enjoy it. The 3 year old little girl can jump and so is more able. Kids of all ages can enjoy a game of hopscotch, just make it more complicated as they grow older.

Credit: Michelle at Little Munchkins Playgroup in Alberton.