Edible messy play, desert style

I have had some requests from parents for messy play ideas that are safe to eat. One mommy even said her 2 year old puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. So here is an edible messy play.

It only uses 2 ingredients, Jelly and Ideal milk.

I made the jelly using half of the water according to the instructions. Place the jelly in a bowl in the fridge. As soon as it starts setting take it out. In other words before it is totally set.


Whip up ideal milk and then add the jelly to it. Put it back in the fridge until you are ready.



It makes a fantastic squishy mess, which is very good for tactile stimulation. I hid some plastic animals in it, for the kids to dig out. Also use a spoon and different sized bowls so they can scoop it up and poor it. Encourage then to squish it in between their fingers. Many kids will be weary of this at first as it is an unusual texture, but most enjoy it.

IMG_5712 IMG_5713