Program day 13 – Lockdown day 4

30th Mar 2020

This week our Shape is a square, numbers 3 and 4 and the colour is blue. The morning started with some box fun. Speak about position to your kids. In the box, next to the box, under etc. It is […]

Program Day 12 – Lockdown day 3

29th Mar 2020

This morning I woke up to beautiful photos of a very good friend’s wedding. We have been friends for almost 30 years as because of the Covid-19 situation we were unable to attend the wedding in Seattle. There wedding was […]

Program day 11 – Lockdown day 2

28th Mar 2020

Over weekends we don’t really have a program as such, but give the kids a bit more freedom. They want to stay in their pj’s for longer, ok. We also spend a lot of time playing. They get the chance […]

Program Day 10 – Lockdown day 1

27th Mar 2020

Our first lockdown day went well. We started with building some puzzles and my toddler did some matching exercises while big brother was practicing his reading. We also did some cutting exercises. The first one was to cut a triangle […]

Program Days 6-9

26th Mar 2020

I’m sorry I haven’t had much time to upload our activities as I was hard at work getting all our orders ready and out before the lockdown. Here they are now. We do the ball exercises (from precious days) and […]

Program Day 5

22nd Mar 2020

We celebrated our anniversary so didn’t do so much with the kids. We played games. Here are some ideas. We sorted out our garage, which had way too much stuff in, so that’s nice and clean now. Lastly we had […]

Program Day 4

21st Mar 2020

Fine motor Draw pictures with chalk on the paving and use spray bottles to wash it clean. For baby I used a cup to pour the water. Game time We played some board and card games. Uno spin, chess and […]

Program Day 3

20th Mar 2020

Today we spent most of the day doing free play. It is amazing to see what the kids come up with when they have time and space to be creative. Their eyes were hardly open when they started playing with […]

Program Day 2

19th Mar 2020

First we start with our Bible story Shape, colour and number Our shape for the week is a circle. My kids enjoyed the red lids so much yesterday, that they played with them again today. Colour: Red Playing with red […]

Program Day 1

18th Mar 2020

First we start with our Bible story Shape, colour and number Our shape for the week is a circle. A circle has no sides or corners. I let them build with round lids (we have a bag full of red […]